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The 7 Best Air Dry Clay in 2022 with Ultimate Guide

This article explains the 7 best air dry clay’s for 2022 and how to use it effectively.

Crafting and pottery are vast fields. It is a kind of art. In this art, clay plays a most crucial role. There is no specific boundary of work in the pottery. You can create any staff and thing. These things are designed with the help of clay.

The use of clay is beneficial. It prepares a material in aver eco -friendly way. There are various kinds of clay, but we discuss the best air dry clay.

Moreover, clay allows potters to perform different experiments. These experiments result in the formation of new designs. It is essential to choose the right type of clay for your potter’s action. Having proper knowledge about modeling clay is not a challenging task.

You can search various websites or talk to any professional. They will guide you enough if you are thinking of beginning the pottery business. Before getting into detail, it is better to clear the views about basic best air dry clay knowledge.

Thus, we provide basic and detailed information to clear your mind queries. Have a look at the facts below;

What is air dry clay?

Air Dry Clay is the most popular clay that has widespread use in crafting. It has various benefits which make the clay more effective. Most importantly, this form of sculpting clay does not require any burning action.

Air-dry clay does not need any oven and kiln exposure. This oven interaction is essential for other traditional types of clay, but the air dry clay is an advanced form. It works and excellently supports the pottery even if it does not expose to fire.

Furthermore, the air-dry clay is not getting close to the fire to dry at room temperature quickly. It can attain a rigid shape in this atmosphere, having a tough competition with other clay forms.

After it gets dry, the following decoration step is performed over it. The paint and bounties are placed on the complex and easy clay sculptures. It presents satisfactory results for the final look. You can easily decorate the form of air-dry clay pottery.

Our 7 Best Air Dry Clay

  1. Jovi White Air Dry Modeling Non-stainingBest Kids Clay
  2. Crayola Air Dry Modeling Clay in White ColorBest Clean Clay
  3. Hearthsong Air Dry Pottery ClayBest for Kids Arts and Crafts
  4. DAS Air Hardening ClayBest for Classroom or Studio
  5. AMACO AMA46318R Air Dry ClayBest for All Purposes
  6. ACTIVA Supreme Artist’s Air-Dry ModellingBest White Clay
  7. Sargent ASargent Art Plastilina Modeling ClayBest Non-Hardening

What Are Some Best Air Dry Clay Options?

Choosing a good quality air dry clay is better for the best and most effective lottery results. Some available various options and brands provide the voters with air-dry clay. They all have unique features and traits that make them popular in usage.

It should stand with the high water absorption feature and other advantages. The water ability is essential because it makes the clay ready to prepare various items. Because it gets slippery and has the proper water content, it provides the right working platform.

The clay packs are available openly in pottery markets and generalized superstores. Various online platforms provide ten potters with it. Even amazon facilitates its delivery.

Therefore, we are providing some of the best options for air-dry clay for your interest. These options are highly effective if you want to use them for art and clay crafts. All the options and brands of the clay put all their efforts into getting the most interactive results.

Top 7 Best Air Dry Clays

1. Jovi White Air Dry Modeling Non-staining- Best Kids Clay

Jovi White Air Dry Modeling Non-staining
Jovi White Air Dry Modeling Non-staining


  • Ideal for art and crafting
  • smooth and flawless
  • color; White
  • Gluten-Free
  • CPSIA-Certified

This self-hardening clay is a top-notch quality product that has been prepared in Spain. It is a bit expensive but for its high-quality performance. But it is worth the money. Craft men highly appreciate its utilization because it tends to be more effective and recognized in its implementation.

It is one of the famous non-sticky formulas providing a base platform to work with. Also, it is gluten-free and does not contain any unnecessary chemical additives. It is highly safe to use even with bare hands. 

You have to maintain the concentration of the water in it once you have added the right amount of water to provide mind-blowing binding results. You can also add versatile colors to its interface. 

It is the caky option that is less sticky and does not stain like other traditional options of the clays. It gets dry quickly with a period of almost 24-hours as it is lined with premium European quality, so the question about its results is totally out of focus.

Most importantly, you can also add a glaze over it. Not only glaze, but you can also polish it according to your need and thus provide the most interactive appearance of the crafting element. It contains various beneficiary p features. Hence, some of them are;


  • Easy to handle
  • Fuss-free activity
  • Also, it dries up quickly
  • Non-staining


  • Prone to breakage and cracks.
  • It is apart from waterproof activities.

2. Crayola Air Dry Modeling Clay in White Color – Best Clean Clay

Crayola Air Dry Modeling Clay
Crayola Air Dry Modeling Clay


  • 1-pound item in the weight
  • White in color
  • Imported Quality
  • Non-Crumbling Formula


This clay is one of the extra-large clay packets uniquely supporting the crafting. It is highly reliable for large creative projects. It is the best option available if you want clay for the crafting activity for your kids.

This air-dry clay has a smooth and fine texture that applies to the kids. It is highly unique from the traditional clays, and its consistency is unmatchable. Potter prefers it because it has a brief drying period.

After making the item’s design, it gets dry in almost 24 hours. There are no temperature ranges for its firing. It does not require exposure to the heat and kiln. Also, It does not contain any harsh chemical material in its preparation. 

It is a USA based product that ends up with excellent results. Furthermore, It is elementary to mold this product of air-dry clay. You have to mix it with a considerable amount of water, and it gets softened enough to deal with hands and other surfaces.

The crafting and art students prefer it because it provides excellent results and dries up more reliably. It is one of the complete replacements available for the traditional ceramic option. 

Thus, you can safely use it with your hands for reliable crafting actions. Some significant pros and cons of the Crayola air-dry modeling clay are;


  • Provide a challenging output
  • Various coloring medium
  • Smooth texture


  • It is not waterproof
  • Fragile enough for cracks

3. Hearthsong Air Dry Pottery Clay – Best for Kids Arts and Crafts

Hearthsong Air Dry Pottery Clay
Hearthsong Air Dry Pottery Clay


  • 4-Lbs approx.
  • Natural color
  • Use in art, craft, and sewing


With this advanced and most hostile clay option, you can begin your crafting activities. It consists of top-notch quality that assures effective performance. The choice available has a beautiful and smooth texture when mixed with the required amount of water.

It is prepared from material that is highly comprehensive for the kids. People of all ages can effectively use it without any chemical effect and the challenging aspect. If your kids want the craft clay for school projects, it is one of the most appropriate options.

In addition to this, the hard clay is less sticky in its activity, making it easy to handle. Thus you can easily mould it into the required shape. After setting it into the necessary form, you can add details according to your interest.

It includes four clay balls, and each clay ball stands with a weight of the least 1-pounds. Thus in total, it weighs at least 4-pounds. 

It gets dry extra quickly and tends to provide a hardened image in no time. It gives the potter enough chances to convert their mind creatively into the realities.

Moreover, it does not have any drying issues. You can put the item at room temperature, and it gets dry in no time. It gets hard enough to maintain the shape of a craft item. Along with all this, it contains some featural aspects that make it unique in its working. Some essential pros and cons for hearthSong air dry clay are;


  • Pliable texture
  • Decoration friendly
  • Easy to work with


  • Once it gets dry, it might shrink to a small extent.
  • Cracks issues after hardening.

4. DAS Air Hardening Clay – Best for Classroom or Studio

DAS Air Hardening Clay
DAS Air Hardening Clay


  • 2 Lb clay block
  • White and terra cotta in colors
  • Great to be used in studios


DAS air hardening modeling clay is one of the most bright and popular clay options that hold the detail best. The clay blocks are white; thus, it is undeniable that they can withstand the color needs quickly.

The cay is used to create innovative sculptures. These sculptures are decorated with different designs and colors without uncertainty about the chemicals and other harmful elements. This is why it is widely used in kids’ classroom activities.

Another reason for its kid’s usage is that it does not require any baking. Thus you can use it very easily without the harsh deal aspect.

In addition to all this, it dries up in no time. You just have to wait considerably for less than 24-hours. This clay option is super pliable. This pliability makes it more effective and appreciated in terms of its working.

It provides a fine motor finish to pottery design; thus, the professionals count it brilliant for its extreme professional and acceptable finish results. It is highly versatile and perfect for all ages. Any level of expert can deal with it in a very reliable way.

It is very easy to mold and create innovative elements. Thus they create large sculptures with noticeable and smooth results. It is an enjoyable activity to choose and utilize this clay option.


  • Easy to use
  • Dries up quickly
  • Acrylic paint reliable
  • Easily create sculptures


  • The texture of the clay might not be that much flowy in some instances

5. AMACO AMA46318R Air Dry Clay – Best for All Purposes

AMACO AMA46318R Air Dry Clay
AMACO AMA46318R Air Dry Clay


  • 25 Lbs in weight
  • No assemblage required
  • Variety in colors
  • Non-toxic


It is one of the most important and long-lasting clay options available. On average, it can last up to one year and even more when the clay is stored with an extreme level of care.

For this, it is recommended to use a kind of airtight container because the moisture retention activity will make it helpful to work efficiently whenever it is used for crafting and other creative tasks.

It is effectively used for classroom activities because this is white art clay that absorbs acrylic paints very quickly. Its beautification and colors make it more attractive.

In addition to this, it presents a beautiful and flawless image of the crafts. It dries up reliably, so putting it in a hardening shape is not that much trouble; you just need to sustain the molding action.

Moreover, it is an economical option available for crafting experts. They will be worth their money after spending on it as it remains effective in performance for a more extended time. The professionals also use it for high profile projects.

Make it an appreciated choice for professional usage because it is an all in all option available for facilitating the needs of crafting.


  • Easy to handle
  • Fine finish
  • Free from cracking
  • Diversified


  • It might get brittle sometimes

6. ACTIVA Supreme Artist’s Air-Dry Modelling – Best White Clay

ACTIVA Supreme Artist's Air Dry Modelling
ACTIVA Supreme Artist’s Air Dry Modelling


  • Size-2.2 (pounds
  • Natural color availability
  • Superior formulation
  • Self-Hardening


Activa Supreme is one of the most innovative and new options in clay. It is lined with premium quality aspects. Moreover, It is getting popular in no time. It facilitates the user to turn their mind creativities into successful visual projects.

Furthermore, This unique type of clay contains an extreme level of plasticity. This factor makes it more common in use, and its malleability makes it more versatile and diversified. This is the reason that people prefer it for their activities. It is equally usable for classroom activities and studio needs.

Even if you perform crafting as a hobby, there is no need to go for some other option other than this. In addition to this, its fine grain leaving capacity make it more precise. These grains help create an excellent detail.

It has the feature of self-hardening, so it does not require any kind of specific drying method. This will protect the crafting design from shrinking. For the general estimation, the ¼ inch of the surface dries up more quickly without any uncertainty.

This clay is made up of non-toxic elements, chemical and most importantly, it is a non-staining option available for the experts. The high profile market authorities, including ACMI-make it more considerable.



  • Extreme plasticity
  • Minimal shrinkage action
  • Non-toxic
  • ACMI-Certified


  • A great attention and care activity required

7. Sargent ASargent Art Plastilina Modeling Clay – Best Non-Hardening

Sargent ASargent Art Plastilina Modeling Clay
Sargent ASargent Art Plastilina Modeling Clay


  • Natural white color
  • 2-Pound in weight
  • Mineral-based Clay
  • Variety in sizes


Sargent Air-Dry Modeling Clay is another versatile option known so far. Although, it provides high quality and highly efficient results. It is one of the most original mineral base formulas that is easily handled by every level of crafting expert.

Moreover, it is used for various innovative and creative tasks. People use it for the most beautified flower pattern arrangements. Not only this, but students also use this clay product for their science projects and other study-related tasks.

In pure form, it never dries out and does not present such a hard look. As stated above, it is a natural-based formula, so it is free from all kinds of unnecessary chemicals. Thus it is equally helpful to people of all ages without any thought of damage.

This clay product is highly non-toxic. It can be used for a considerable time period. It ends up that your working project has a very smooth texture. So if you want some advanced and new air dry clay options, Sargent modeling clay is available to fulfill and meet your working needs.

It is easy to use no toxic, mineral-related formula; thus, you can grab the 100%result out of it without any uncertainty. As it also stands with the best reviews in


  • Used in Prototyping and Animation
  • Ideal for Beginners
  • Non-toxic
  • Reliable in usage


  • Thin and delicate parts are highly fragile

Ultimate Buying Guide for Air-Dry Clay

It is necessary to go for the one equally durable option that has fine quality so that the final results will make it more attractive and considerable. There are certain features and perspectives that one should keep while choosing the best option.

These features vary from brand to brand. All the brands tend to provide high-quality results in terms of money, but one should also know how to properly deal with the air-dry clay.

To manage all these things, here we are depicting some of the featural aspects that people should note about are given next;

Understanding these following essential factors will help you make the right decision while choosing the right clay product.


The essential factor for an air-dry clay is its texture and quality. This texture has a lot of diversity. For a general overview, the air-dry clay is very smooth compared to other traditional options available.

But this smooth texture gets rough once it is molded into the required shape. It has an advantage over it. The rough surface again becomes flawless and smooth with sandpaper activities.

 Afterwards, if you are using paper based-air dry clay, it has a very lightweight and satisfactory quality. But if not, then you can smooth it by yourself with sanding.


Try to choose the easy to work with, such as the Air-dry clay. The most significant factor that makes me popular is my workability. It is easy to deal with because its smooth texture is beneficial for the potters to rove it out of the package.

While the other types of clay require a significant time to be malleable. Thus in terms of malleability, people always prefer to go for the air-dry option, but on the darker side, this air-dry option for the clay is not worthy and workable since it dries.

It can not be re-molded into the required pattern again.


The air-dry clay is available in natural colors; try to go for the most basic one because it will adjust the colors in the most common appropriate way. The natural colors for the air dry include; white, gray-beige etc.

After choosing the required shades, you can go for the acrylic paints. The choice of acrylic paints is beneficial because they add more strength and power to the crafting mould without any wrapping.

Apart from colors, you can also add various decorative buttons and beads to allure the structure.

Effectivity time; Longevity

When the clay is not used for a more extended time, it may dry up and become unreliable to work with, so try to choose the air-dry clay option, which can last for a considerably longer time. 

If not, then try to adjust the things accordingly, such as maintaining the same moisture level in the clay before the use; this will keep the working perspective. You can go for the plastic bags as it is very worthy of maintaining the clay’s work, texture, and time of usability. 

Drying Time

The dry air clay begins to dry out when exposed to air. In general, complete drying of air-dried clay takes at least 24 hours (up to a week for some projects).

Although epoxy clay is harder and dries faster, only a few hours, slow and even drying is the best way to prevent cracking, so if the clay dries quickly, cover the top with plastic to slow down the evaporation of water.

Strength and Quality

While air-dried epoxy clays solidify perfectly because they are strong enough to drill holes without cracking, the other air-dried clays can be brittle and easy. By choosing the right strength clay option, you can save it from uncertain scratches.

Additional Tips

Any potter can easily handle air-dry clay because it does not require any temperature limits. It can easily be treated at room temperature. But this drying activity can be time-consuming as it does not involve any external source for drying action.

Some of the noteworthy points are;

  • When cutting the molds, use internal tools to help ensure strength.
  • Low amount of water added to the dry air clay will reduce the possibility of cracking when the piece dries.
  • Dry clay shrinks slightly as it dries. It will create cracks when it doesn’t even dry. For even drying, rotate the piece to different positions to allow air on all surfaces or place plastic on it to allow the water to evaporate more slowly. When air-dried clay hardens, a layer of shellac or acrylic paint can strengthen the piece.
  • When dried, air-dried clay is porous. It is not intended for outdoor use or the production of kitchen utensils. Completed projects should be located inside and out of reach of water and moisture to prevent deformation and save energy.
  • It is possible to perform various experiments with air-dry clay. For this, mix it with other natural clay options. Combine the air dry clay with the paper clay to gain the best results. This combination ends up with excellent results.
  • Moreover, the potters can efficiently utilize this clay because it does not shrink. So all the accessories prepared from it can retain their original shape for a more extended period.
  • Lastly, it is the best clay to quickly put various colors on. It has an interface that can withstand all kinds of decoration effectively. Acrylic paints, watercolors, paints, and markers are used for decoration. But try to avoid excessive use of the color on it. Otherwise, it will create some cracking issues. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the use of air-dry clay?

The air-dry clay is used in the manufacturing of models and sculptures. The potter uses various armatures also. The modeling clay easily handles the armature. It does not melt and even burns during its activity.

What is the application of air-dry clay in terms of crafting?

As a craft, clay is highly effective for making utensils. The most common use of air-dry clay can be seen in glasses, bowls, plates, and, most importantly, mugs. In addition to this, all these utensil materials can not be used for eating purposes. You can use it for decoration purposes only. It is only appreciated to be aesthetic and can not be used for eating purposes.

Can air-dry clay be used for professional pottery?

Air-dry clay is the primary method of creating art in their activities. The artist makes different sculptures and other accessories as a doll maker. So its usability in terms can not be questioned.

The Final Statement

Overall, pottery and crafting are not challenging tasks to understand. It requires a careful selection of all the things and material in it. The choice of the best air dry clay is also a similar aspect. Here we try to put the best air dry clay option for your guidance.

Not only this, but some supportive informational content also provides proper guidelines about the air dry clay options. Give it a read for clear conceptions of the topic.

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