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The 7 Best Metal Clay Kiln – How to choose them?

Metal clay is a material that consists of pure silver and gold material. It also contains some organic material that burns during firing as the metal clay has acceptable importance in jewelry. It requires a special kind of kiln.

The kiln will help fire the clay at a proper temperature and according to the required atmosphere. The kilns are available for treating metal clay. In this regard, which will be the best metal clay kiln, and how to choose them?

The choice for the kiln should be prudent because it is the base for the metal clay working. Sometimes a wrong choice might fail to deliver the correct purpose of the clay. There is a versatile option available for the metal clay kiln.

But to decide the best one from all those options is a real struggle. To help you in this matter, here we are providing some valuable tips about buying the kiln so that you can keep them in the forefront to have an excellent pick.

Go through the detail given next; 

Metal Clay Kiln – Why They’re so adorable?

The metal clay kilns are very small in size in terms of kiln options. It is probably 3 feet in squares and sometimes even smaller than this limit. It also has a special kind of electrical and temperature adjustment.

These adjustments make them unique and essential in their work. In addition to this, the electrical metal clay kiln has the most significant advantages. They do not need special electrical voltages and can effectively work with the regular electricity supply.

All you need to work the kiln is an outlet with three prongs to plug the kiln easily. On the other hand, they are well insulated in their actions, and people can rely very quickly on them. Its work is effortless and comprehensive. Take care of all the prevention tips to maintain its regular working.

It is directed to place on any stool or the table to begin its action, but make sure that the surface should be flat and smooth. One should keep in front of various things while choosing the kiln for the precious metal clay.

Our Best Metal Clay Kiln

  1. Delphi EZ-Pro Fast Fiber Kiln – Best Choice For Kiln
  2. RapidFire Pro Metal Kiln – Best Small Kiln For Jewelry
  3. Tabletop Deluxe QuickMelt kiln – Best Electric Furnace
  4. High-Temperature Electric Burnout Kiln – Best For Kiln
  5. TableTop Stainless steel kiln – Best For Making Foundry Furnace
  6. RapidFire Programmable TableTop Kiln – Best Programmable Kiln
  7. Melting Furnace RapidFire Clay kiln – Best kiln For Making Ceramic Firing

Best Metal Clay Kiln Reviews

Here in this guide, we refer to some most essential inspections of the top brands and companies offering top-quality kilns. These kilns are easy to review and tend to provide high-quality pottery results.

We summarize some most popular and reliable kiln options for potters in terms of accurate working.

1. Delphi EZ-Pro Fast Fiber Kiln – Best Choice For Kiln

Delphi EZ-Pro Fast Fiber Kiln
Delphi EZ-Pro Fast Fiber Kiln

It is one of the essential kilns that one can use without any hustle. It facilitates you to improve your work and helps you grow your pottery skills. More specifically, you do not need the shelf help while using this kiln as it is incredibly ambitious in its design.

It can control the extreme amount of temperature and heat factors because it contains the primary material which maintains the heat factors and does not let them move out of the heating chamber.

It is effortless in its usage. You have to place the fireboard on the kiln flooring, and it will begin your tasks. It is highly reliable to fulfill your grilling needs and requirements. In addition to all this, its 16-pre set firing schedule makes it more revolutionary in terms of output.

This broad pre-set scheduling is highly needed for beginners who implement these schedules to configure their natural posture settings. They promote the task of glass firing and annealing beads and, most precisely, fulfill the metal clay needs.

Overall you can make it a preferable choice for dealing with the new projects.


  • 16 pre-set firing schedules
  • 15″ x 6″ deep
  • Anneal glass beads
  • One year warranty


  • No kiln shelf 
  • Have built-in tools 
  • user guide 
  • four pre-set programs 


  • Requires a heavy investment 
  • It is expensive for beginners. 

2. RapidFire Pro Metal Kiln – Best Small Kiln For Jewelry

RapidFire Pro Metal Kiln
RapidFire Pro Metal Kiln

If you are looking for high quality and portable working structure, the RapidFire Metal Pro furnace is the best option available to meet your working needs. It is an excellent choice due to its tiny size, which allows it to easily fit into small open places.

So you can easily use it anywhere without any hustle of spacing. Its portable feature makes it ideal for beginners who seek professional sessions about; how to use the metal clay kiln?

In addition to all this, the RapidFire furnace is exceptionally versatile. It facilitates the metal structure and is also compatible with the firing aspect of other related materials; this approach makes it popular as it provides diversity.

Last but not least, the RapidFire Pro metal kiln is highly appreciated in terms of its temperature range. It can exceed the required limit, but the professional more commonly suggests maintaining the working temperature at almost 2100 degrees F.

If you have a small working area and want a kiln that should meet your traveling needs, you can choose this one appropriately as it finely delivers the best performance.


  • 1500 Watts Power
  • Temperature Requirement 22000-degree Fahrenheit
  • Metal melting furnace


  • Fires up very easily 
  • 6″ X 5″ X 6″ firing chamber measurement 
  • High-quality efficiency 
  • Ideal for small space area 


  • Might be costly to maintain power 
  • Comes up with pretty nasty risk in certain cases 
  • Used for small projects only 

3. Tabletop Deluxe QuickMelt kiln – Best Electric Furnace

Tabletop Deluxe QuickMelt kiln
Tabletop Deluxe QuickMelt kiln

It is a profound option among clay artists, as it has a very specific structure. It is a metal melting kiln, but it is considerable enough to also deal with clay and pottery aspects.

Thus the artist chose it for the most compatible professional tasks. Moreover, it delivers efficient and rapid temperature factors whenever any charge is considered.

Not only this, its size and performance are highly appreciated. The kiln offers a diverse kind of work. There seem to be several tasks that are bound to it. For instance, its top-loading feature helps melt gold, clay, copper, zinc, brass, and all other metals.

The functional capacity makes it highly portable. So there appear to be no such space issues for its professional usability. Moreover, it can deal with crucibles of different sizes. This is major because of its incredible quality flanges.

This kiln option contains ceramic flanges, which can be interchanged quickly for regular accommodation. In addition to all this, it consists of a highly compact design and ultralight and easy to handle weight factors.

This kiln or melting furnace can be regarded as the most authentic option if one is looking to accommodate the artistic needs of the potters.


  • Top loading 10 oz 
  • 110V Power 
  • 1205-degrees Celsius 
  • Interchangeable flanges


  • Highly portable and versatile 
  • Reliable to manage in terms of heat 
  • Lightweight 
  • Easy to use 
  • High-quality structure 


  • Requires strict attention and care 
  • It becomes hard to manage at high-temperature limits 

4. High-Temperature Electric Burnout Kiln – Best For Kiln

High Temperature Electric Burnout Kiln
High-Temperature Electric Burnout Kiln

The High-Temperature Electric Burnout Kiln is reliable to perform versatile furnace actions. As it is lined with a standard controller, it helps to deal with the most effective temperature management actions.

It is worthy enough to provide a hostile melting action for not only metal clay but also for the other metal options. It is very ideal in its use. Its features make it highly functional. In terms of features, it consists of a pre-drilled vent hole. This hole makes the setup action more comfortable.

In addition to this, it is lined with thermocouple management techniques. It enables the temperature management action more precisely. Moreover, these thermocouple settings make it more versatile for burnout applications.

Try to adjust the actions according to the requirement. For the accommodation, this electric kiln furnace contains a 3” X 5” flask or container. This will let the thing be ready for the further pottery aspects more effectively.

It facilitates things not only in terms of effort but also in terms of money. It will surely be worth your money to go for the best kiln pick option.


  • 2200 Degree Fahrenheit range
  • High-quality products
  • Burnout diversity
  • Standard temperature controller


  • Easy to use 
  • Comprehensive workout action 
  • Heats up very early 
  • High-temperature thermocouple techniques 


  • Tongs and bearing issues 

5. TableTop Stainless steel kiln – Best For Making Foundry Furnace

TableTop Stainless steel kiln
TableTop Stainless steel kiln

If any of the artists are looking for a kiln option for the sake of mobility, this TableTop product can be the best possible solution to the need and requirement. It has  a quick melting design that facilitates the artist and professionals with less effort activity.

They do not have to wait for the specific needs of melting. The proper functionality of the heating chamber will let us manage tasks hardly between 8 to 10 minutes. Moreover, the product is very popular as it is able to melt almost 10-troy ounces of gold quantity in a very less period of time.

but mainly we use it for metal clay activity. But being diverse in nature the kiln furnace is easy to deal with gold, silver, copper, zinc, lead, and other precious metals easily. The ceramics are also the most reliable input for the furnace.

In addition to all this, it is ultra-light in weight, which makes it portable and you can grab its working activity anywhere and any time you want. It consists of a very compact binding design along with precise features.

So its popularity can not be questioned in any term. One should know how to deal and function with it. with the proper knowledge of the working aspects, it would be very easy for you to deal with it.


  • Graphite Crucible
  • 120-volt power
  • 2200 degree Fahrenheit
  • Versatile


  • Heats up with 8=-10 minutes 
  • Ultra-light in weight 
  • Highly effective 
  • Easy to use 


  • Pair of tongs might create problems sometimes

6. RapidFire Programmable TableTop Kiln – Best Programmable Kiln

RapidFire Programmable TableTop Kiln
RapidFire Programmable TableTop Kiln

It is one of the most versatile options available in the market for working needs. It is not only used for the clay firing but also for the glazing, enameling, and ceramic activities. Apart from all this, one can also use it for glass fusing and other relevant sport-related aspects.

It consists of a broad firing chamber that causes the artist to perform its task more precisely. The ratio aspect of the chamber is 6” X 6” X 5”. Along with this, it also contains a front-loading door. This door provides it with easy access to reach this chamber.

In addition to all this, it is a very popular product as it contains the most advanced setting and features. It is lined with a programmable digital temperature controller. This controller makes it highly effective in terms of functional settings.

It is lined with a lighted cooling fan that balances  the high-temperature range. Not only this, the programmable digital controller provides the diversity of more than 30-different settings in the kiln.

It is one of the top-ranked kiln options, made in the United States of America.  One other factor to note about it is its dual alarm relay. It can be regarded as the most innovative aspect. You can activate it either by the program steps or automatically by the temperature setpoints.

It will totally be worth your money in terms of meta clay, and other useful related artistic activities.


  • 30 Programmable stamps for a ramp, soak, & other actions
  • PID controller
  • Logic enhancement
  • Accuracy over the entire input range


  • 1500 watts power 
  • 15 Amp circuit 
  • 16 Gauge Coiled-Type Resistance Wire 
  • Innovative 
  • Advanced 


  • Can not be used for the wax and resin burnout procedures 

7. Melting Furnace RapidFire Clay kiln – Best kiln For Making Ceramic Firing

Melting Furnace RapidFire Clay kiln
Melting Furnace RapidFire Clay kiln

The Rapid Fire Clay product that is providing extreme levels of comfort and sustainability in its work efficiency and tends to provide highly appreciated kiln results. It is totally according to the scale of the experts and professionals thus the long-term clay task will be performed with high accuracy. Furthermore, it is versatile and performs various tasks at the same time. It is lined with clay firing and metal clay jewelry tasks.

Moreover, it is an ideal solution for artists who are looking forward to some precise kiln option. It is best in terms of structure, design, and functionality. For the best performance, it consists of a digital temperature controller that provides the best temperature management activity.

This digital control panel is highly considered as it is embedded with the heating elements. These elements maintain the temperature to burn out the metal clay. Most importantly the firing chamber for this RapidFire kiln has an ideal size.

It stands with the ratio scale of 6” X 5” X 6”. This firing chamber is powered by the help of 1500 watts. You can easily take it along with you anywhere and anytime you want.

It is an ultra-portable device that contains negligible weight to consider. These lightweight aspects of the kiln make it highly popular and effective for usage. While dealing with the device, it is easy to manage costs as well as time.

Its approachable budget lets the customers and artists go for it. Once you choose the option, it will save your time, work, and  efforts.


  • 12lbs weight
  • Heat up wit in 8-10 min
  • 2200-Degrees Fahrenheit


  • Digital temperature controller 
  • Easy to use 
  • Portable 
  • Reliable in functionality 


  • Require an extreme level of care 
  • Can not be used for resin burnout 


The 7 Best Air Dry Clay

Metal Clay Kiln – Buying Guide 

Some most minor points for buying the kilns are;

  • You should have an inspection of the exteriors thermometer
  • A suitable kiln shelf for holding
  • Precise timer management
  • The parts; should be easy to open

Apart from all these, there should be specific characteristics present in the kiln so that you can work excellently. These traits are not hard to find, but one should still look for them to get accurate results.

Some of the essential attributes for the buying guide of the metal clay kiln are given next;

Price and Budget

The essential thing to consider while deciding on the kiln is its price, and the user’s budget never invests too much in the kilns. You firstly have to manage your budget.

But in case you are getting some reliable option In terms of money, never avoid grabbing it because the PMC kilns are the things that require a heavy investment. It would be a blessing to find the most suitable kiln at a fair price.

If you are a beginner, it is restricted to incest ion kilns. Go for the one with the only limits of $500 to $700. They are ideal to have started working. It costs less because it does not involve the kiln furniture but provides the same working activity.

The price of the kiln keeps on increasing with its size. It will have a high price point if you want it for a bigger room.


The size, height, and eight requirements are also significant for the metal clay kiln. The kilns have several versatilities. Some options load from the tops. In this case, when the kiln loads from the tops. The height matters a lot.

Because it has to adjust the metal clay accordingly, to avoid any uncertainty, it is better to invest in the correct size and height kiln according to your need and demand. In terms of types and versatility, tabletop and compact kilns are most common in use.

Compact kilns are helpful for glass firing, annealing, and other jewelry art stuff. At the same time, it is highly effective for areas and projects with limited space. They are ubiquitous because they provide very accurate results.

Tabletops kilns save a lot of energy and electricity and space horizons. It consists of small units to quickly be heated and get on fire. It can effectively reach a higher degree of temperature.

As it has smaller units, it also saves costs and energy, which is highly appreciated and popular to get in use.

Power Adjustments

The kiln you are choosing should have reliable power adjustments. It should go with the 3-prong outlet. It should supply with the 120-V. The power adjustments are essential for making the work outstanding.

Like all other traits and characteristics, power capabilities matter a lot. It should fit the demands and effectively convey the results over it.


Besides all these sizes, prices, and power requirements, temperature consideration is also critical. Temperature is the base of working. Every firing material has different temperature limits.

Sometimes the limits of heat and temperature are mentioned over the packs. When choosing the one, you should take note of the cushioning aspect in the forefront—in that case, ten kilns to reach the higher temperature is within limits.

Moreover, the proper cushioning activity will ensure that the quality will not be affected. It is also vital for creating an extension in the lifetime ability of the precious metal clay. It is the kiln that usually operates on the cone temperature.

For the ideal and general temperature range, it can withstand the temperature limit of Cone 6 very quickly as this temperature is highly suitable for the firing technique of metal clay.

Interior Material

Most of the precious metal clay kilns are two significant materials, including bricks or ceramic fibers. Both material lining is appreciated, but it has some lags.

That kiln with the interior of bricks takes more time to heat up. But it can bear high temperatures. In general, bricks are very fragile and heavy. Once they get heated and absorb the temperature, they will stay in it for a long time.

But it is not used commonly because it will break down very quickly when exposed to extreme temperatures. The breakdown requires immediate replacement to complete the tasks. Thus it becomes more costly.

The brick interior is ideal for firing porcelain, enamel, glass, and most all-metal portions. Ceramic fiber can heat up quickly. In certain situations, the heating element went out of the space. In this situation, The ceramic fiber should be changed. To avoid this situation, it is better to manage the situation accordingly. It is suitable enough to deal with temperatures up to 2000 degrees Fahrenheit.


Kiln effectively works as an oven for firing things, including metals. There have been various new technologies available to control these kilns manually and digitally. No doubt the digital inducements will let you a lot, but it behaves very effectively for dealing with the results. The controllers have a primary position to enhance the firing output.

There are no automated features for manual guidelines, and the interface has to go with the basics. It works with the dial usually used to manage the temperature. Apart from this, the digital controllers have sensors that manage the atmosphere of the interior.

The automatic manual controllers are very worthy because they will let you invest your time in the subordinated tasks. So in case you want to go for the controller option, try to go with a digital sensor controller. Although it costs much, it presents more reliable firing the metal clay results.

Other Accessories

Apart from the thing mentioned above, various other accessories should be considered while choosing the kilns.

These accessories include kiln forks, shelves, furniture, tongs, beads, doors, etc. This, but fiber blankets also have considerable importance. These accessories came up in versatile shapes and sizes. Customize your metal clay kiln in a highly reliable way. These built-in components are responsible for clay’s actual working and firing action.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the average working life for a clay kiln?

The working life of the kiln depends on the extent of working a potter is taking from it. If the kiln is being used twice a week, you can expect the regular functional activity of the kiln for almost two years.

What is the maximum temperature range for clay kilns?

Kiln working mainly depends on temperature maintenance factors. So its consideration is a very much important factor for the cay kilns. The highest noticed temperature for a kiln is almost 2845.4 degrees in Fahrenheit. Terms of the celsius scale can be counted as 1563 degrees.

What are the requirements of a kiln?

The requirements for the kiln vary from brand to brand. On average, it requires a space area of almost one or more half feet of air space—this helps it lie up straight and begin the melting authentication. Moreover, the space area in which it is placed must be thick and rigid enough so that it would stop all kinds of heat leakages.

The Final Verdict

The best kiln for precious metal clay has vast importance. The professionals and potters sometimes go for the customization factor to deal with metal clay. We try to present the most common thoughts on the buying choice of the kiln.

People search various platforms to get these consideration points. We here tried to sum up the facts in a very comprehensive way. Hope it will be helpful for you to decide how to choose the correct option for the kiln for your work and needs.

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