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The Best Pottery Wheels for Kids: 10 Ultimate Products 2022

Pottery wheels are a timeless way to explore the movement of clay. Not only are pottery wheels fun, but they’re also great for children’s development. Kids can use the wheels to develop their motor and refined skills and encourage sensory play (which can help kids with developmental delays).

Bob Smith – an American potter, says that children learn about art and color and are amazed to invite them to play with pottery wheels. In this article, we’ll look at the best pottery wheels for kids and amateur potters to help you make an intelligent choice.

Our Best Pottery Wheels for Kids

  1. National Geographic Kids Pottery Wheel Kit
  2. Dan&Darci Advanced pottery wheel kit for kids (Best Rated for Aged 8-14)
  3. Faber-Castell Pottery Studio (best pottery wheel and Painter kit for beginners 8+ Ages)
  4. Thanksky pottery ceramic Machine with Clay (Pottery Wheel Ages 3 to 8)
  5. AnyWayFun Red Ant Mini pottery wheel with -Slip Mat (kids, beginners)
  6. Mein LAY DIY Clay Tool and Pedal 350W LCD pedal wheel (Pottery Wheel Forming Machine)
  7. MindWare Pottery Wheel with Air-Dry Clay Refill (Best Introduction of Crafts for 7+ Ages kids)
  8. IAMGlobal Blue Pottery Studio (Best Educational Toy for Kids Beginners)
  9. Cool Maker Pottery Studio Clay Wheel (best for Kids Aged 6)
  10. Made By Me Pottery Wheel Kit by Horizon Group USA (Best Clay wheel for 6+ ages kids)

Best Pottery Wheels for Kids Reviewed

This article covers purchasing the best pottery wheel for kids, along with an introduction to the top brands, materials, and technicalities around this kind of product. This article guides you through everything you need to know before buying one!

Pottery wheels are easy to use and a great way to work with clay. Many great kids’ pottery wheels on the market provide plenty of options. In this article, we will look at our choices for the best pottery wheels for kids. This article is a complete buyer’s guide that emphasizes important things you need to know about pottery wheels.

1. National Geographic Pottery Wheel Kit for Kids

National Geographic Pottery Wheel Kit for Kids
National Geographic Pottery Wheel Kit for Kids

The national geographic pottery wheel is a fun and engaging way to discover the ancient art of pottery. A patented integrated arm allows you to carve and mold your clay smoothly, while creative tools let you sculpt with ease.

Simply shape your clay, let it dry and then paint with vibrant acrylic paints – no firing or heating required! Moreover, this 6.28-pound set includes a pottery wheel, two pounds of 1 Sponge, a cut-off tool, three paintbrushes, and more!

This 11 x 5 x 12 inches fun set comes with everything you need to get started: 2 lbs of air dry clay in different colors. With 2 pounds of clay, you can create your own artistic masterpieces or use our easy instructions to make colorful pots and vases.

Become a master potter! Practice the ancient art of making vessels, 1 Cut off Tool, Sculpting Clay Tools, and more with The National Geographic Pottery Kit. Make your way through this comprehensive kit, then show off your creations and get ready for compliments from friends and family.



Age Range: Teen, Adult, Senior

Motor: Electric Motor

2 lbs. Air Dry Clay

Patented Integrated Arm

2 Packs of Air Dry Clay

Color: 6 paint colors

Size: 11 x 5 x 12 inches Dimensions

Weight: 6.28 pounds weight


  • Removable arm of the pottery wheel.
  • Create impressive clay sculptures
  • Removable and convenient arm tool


  • The wheel head is tiny

2. Dan&Darci Advanced pottery wheel kit for kids

Dan&Darci Advanced pottery wheel kit for kids
Dan&Darci Advanced pottery wheel kit for kids

The Dan & Darci pottery wheel makes hand-building for all skill levels. Moreover, it features a powerful motor for shaping clay, pottery-removing tools, and more. This 5.49 pounds comprehensive set includes everything you need to enjoy your very own pottery wheel.

This 18.03 x 16.1 x 3.74 inches crafts set comes with one pound of clay and six colors for painting. Plus, it has an additional color mixing guide. From the first use to more advanced skill-building, this set is perfect for learning the basics and taking your creativity to the next level.

This pottery wheel for kids best rated for 8 to 14 ages is the ideal for tiny pottery artists. With a super-strong motor and an easy foot pedal, kids will be able to effortlessly work with their clay. This set comes with an easy-to-carry case with organized box compartments that hold all of the supplies in place.

Besides having a potent motor to shape clay easily – this kit includes 6 vibrant colors, 2 brushes, a palette, and several other accessories. Thus, all these will enable your kids to be as creative as they want.


  • It’s a fun and safe way to get into clay art.
  • Motorized potter’s wheel with modern design.
  • Features a powerful motor, foot pedal, clay, and more


  • A bit pricey than other wheel models

3. Faber-Castell Pottery Wheel Studio

Faber Castell Pottery Wheel Studio
Faber Castell Pottery Wheel Studio

The Faber-Castell Pottery Studio is your kid’s complete pottery and sculpting set. This 1 pound features 3 lbs. of Sculpting Clay with a full range of tools and accessories. This 3.63 x 16.88 x 12.5 inches kit makes it easy to sculpt, shape and mold as you like.

The powerful battery-operated motor can run at 2 speeds for precise centering and even spinning. Therefore, this kit has a set of clay tools and a hand-held slicer for smooth and uniform consistency in pottery. Use the clay tools to shape unique creations on one of two wheels.

 The 2 speed motorized pottery wheel has a 2-speed option for making larger pots or vases up to 13 inches. With its 8 fun molds, tools and 4 colors of clay, you will be on your way to creating amazing sculptures in no time. The clay is non-toxic, and cleanup is easy too.

Create colorful, fun clay sculptures out of air-dry modeling clay! The Faber-Castell Pottery Studio comes complete with everything you need to start sculpting: modeling stick and sculpting tool, plus paint and paintbrush. In fact, this pottery wheel kit for beginners has 3 C batteries for kids 8 – 15 years of age.


  • Make more than 30 fun.
  • 3 pounds of Sculpting Clay (in yellow, red, and white)
  • Available in a left-handed version.


  •       Mostly run on batteries

4. Thanksky pottery ceramic (Best Kids Pottery Wheel Ages 3 to 8)

Thanksky pottery ceramic Wheel
Thanksky pottery ceramic Wheel

The Thanksky has provided is a fantastic pottery wheel for kids at a great price. This beginner’s pottery kit is ideal for anyone who wants to make a colorful, intricate masterpiece that will look great on the walls of any house or restaurant.

Everyone must have at minimum one gift that encourages them to expand their creativity or craft expertise. This broad, sturdy, and cheap wheel are ideal for anyone aged 3 to 8 who wants to play with clay. Further, create beautiful art pieces for your home pottery kit.

The newest addition of the best kids pottery wheel to the lineup is a high-pottery wheel with an 18-inch diameter. Moreover, its multi-layer cover that’s ideal for graphic pottery shows and tells. This beginner’s pottery wheel kit was handcrafted with only the best standard, 100% recyclable materials in the Northern US.

Something about this establishment brings back memories of playing with clay as a kid. This handmade, limited-edition clay item is ideal for gift-giving or discovering new arts & crafts skills – even for adults! From basic rugs and bowls to finely detailed sculptures, the range of ceramic materials will appeal to children.


  • 100% recyclable materials
  • Ideal for graphic pottery
  • No annoying noise


  • It has no motor for increasing speed

5. AnyWayFun Red Ant Mini pottery wheel with Slip Mat

AnyWayFun Red Ant Mini pottery wheel
AnyWayFun Red Ant Mini pottery wheel

Craft your artwork with the AnyWayFun Mini pottery wheel for kids to make it unique. The rotation direction & speed of the turntable may be simply modified, with a maximum speed of 2000 rpm. An anti-slip pad is included with the tiny pottery wheel.

The small amount of clay can be used as a practice tool to learn how to produce pottery. It’s easy to use. The 9.06 x 5.2 x 6.3 pottery wheel is flat, smooth, and rusted, but it is composed of metal and aluminum alloy. The pottery wheel is simple to use, making it ideal for students and kids.

This 1.28 pounds little red pottery wheel works with wet or dry clay. So it includes clay, tools, and instructions. Make anything your heart desires with this moldable clay.

Furthermore, the little pottery wedges are manufactured of plastic, making them sturdy and practical for everyday use. With various tools, you can even add detailing & texture to your pieces.


  • Pottery Wheel with Variable Speed
  • A wheel that is simple to use
  • Beginner-friendly anti-slip wheel


  • It comes with limited accessories.

6. Mein LAY DIY Clay Tool and Pedal 350W LCD pedal wheel

Mein LAY DIY Clay Tool and Pedal 350W LCD pedal wheel
Mein LAY DIY Clay Tool and Pedal 350W LCD pedal wheel

The Mein Lay 350 pottery wheels for teens are an excellent choice for potters. This unique product combines the optimal size, mass, and performance characteristics. Working properly is simple, thanks to the 350W DC motor. Further, these 28.2 pounds are practically impossible to find in some other product at the price level.

 You may work with various materials without bothering about bubbles or adhering because of the large rotating surface area. Compared to previous versions of this wheel, the most recent version incorporates an LED display for fine variable speed.

This 21.97 x 17.72 x 17.4 rotary pottery is ideal for medium-sized tasks, thanks to its robust 350W engine. It is, after all, simple to transport on short journeys or outings. High-quality 0-320 r/min speed pottery is far more economical because of the distinctive wheel design than equipment that needs to be repaired after one usage.

This pottery wheel took me approximately an hour and a half to create. Moreover, including time spent setting up the apparatus and manually verifying the motor’s speed through the interface. Plus, it has an LCD panel on top that gives kids greater flexibility in picking colors for their pottery patterns.


Weight: 28.2 pounds weight

Display: LCD screen display

Color: Blue

Dimensions: 21.97 x 17.72 x 17.4

Rotary speed: 0-320 r/min


  • 11 Tools with Removable Basin
  • It has a stylish appearance and is enjoyable to use.
  • A three-wire connection that is single-phase


  •  Legs aren’t adjustable because they’re too short.

7. MindWare Pottery Wheel with Air-Dry Clay Refill

MindWare Pottery Wheel for Kids
MindWare Pottery Wheel for Kids

Pottery is a classic art and educational medium. Observing how others have made great pieces of art can frequently inspire kids. The pottery wheel from MindWare is the most durable with an AC adapter. Indeed, this is a genuine glass-filled pot with a transparent cover as well as a metal hub.

The 6.15-pound Mindware pottery wheel for newbies with refills is ideal for new ceramic artists who want to learn about the various factors that go into making a lovely piece of pottery. It comes with 2 lbs. air-dry clay and 12 colors that you can use for a long time.

This increases the strength of the product while lowering its weight. The 18 x 15 x 5′ MindWare ceramic wheel comes highly recommended because it delivers hours of fun & training with simple instructions.

You can now take your beginner’s pottery kit with you wherever you go! The MindWare the best pottery wheels for kids is a trendy and cheap solution for new ceramic artists. It’s not only inexpensive, but it’s also extremely useful. Moreover, it is the best portable wheel with 5 potter’s tools as well.


Color: 12 colors

Tools: 5 potters tools

Dry Clay: 2 lbs. air-dry clay

Adapter: An AC adapter

Dimensions: 18 x 15 x 5′ Dimensions

Pedal: A wheel with a pedal

Weight: 6.15-pound weight


  • Making pots is a valuable skill to have.
  • The most potent pottery wheel.
  • A 5-pound clay refill is also available.


  • There are no fast-spinning wheels

8. IAMGlobal Blue Pottery Studio Wheel Kit

IAMGlobal Blue Pottery Studio
IAMGlobal Blue Pottery Studio

The IAMGlobal Blue 6 + years Pottery Studio is an all-in-one pottery studio. Your kids can shape their 800g of air-dry clay on the Pottery Cool Clay Studio. When the hard work is done, simply switch out the sculpting tools for one of three cord attachments and turn your studio into a lathe!

The IAMGlobal 14.61 x 9.53 x 3.15 inches Pottery Studio comes with everything you need to create incredible art made out of clay. The excellent clay child pottery wheel set studio comes with 6 colors of metallic paint, which can enhance the look of their pottery creation.

A big gift for kids: pottery excellent clay studio is packed with everything you need. This 3.3 pounds craft set is designed to help kids develop their hand-eye coordination skills and creativity. Further, it includes a ceramic clay wheel, sculpting tools, splatter shield, cutting cord and 5 bright colors.

The six metallic paints allow you to add intricate details in new and colorful ways. The clay is easy to shape; mold and air dry so your creations stand the test of time.


Brand: IAMGlobal

Clay Weight: 800g of clay

Color: Blue

Material: Ceramic

Colors: 6 Colors of Metallic Paint

Weight: 3.3 pounds

Age Recommendations: 6 + years recommended age


  • Realistic accessories.
  • Numerous spin speeds are available.
  • Materials for the project are included.


  • It is solely powered by batteries

9. Cool Maker Pottery Studio Clay Wheel

Cool Maker Pottery Studio Clay Wheel
Cool Maker Pottery Studio Clay Wheel

Bring your creativity to your kid’s life with the 2.29 pounds Pottery Wheel Cool Maker Clay Craft Kit! You can ” throw ” pots using actual 3 Clay Discs and no molds. You can “throw” pots just like a real artist. Mix the specially formulated clay with one Spray Bottle and one Tool Holder water and insert it into the pottery wheel.

Create your own cool clay creations with the new 4 x 14 x 11.13 inches Cool Maker Pottery Studio with 4 C-batteries! Make a painted masterpiece using the air-dry clay! Make fun up to six Projects with these Best Pottery Wheels for Kids! Switch on the motor and spin in either direction as you shape a beautiful bowl or vase with your hands.

Let’s paint your creation with this best Pottery Wheels for Kids and let it dry for 24 hours – everyone will be amazed by what you made! Choose from (5 x 5ml) 5 ready-to-use clay pots in bright colors like orange, green, blue, purple, and white. For even more fun, use the included refill clay – after all, the more clay, the better!

Decorate with 3 bright glazes 2 Sculpting Tools, and show off your art! Moreover, the kit has 2 coring tools as well as two cores with one paintbrush to play smoothly. In fact, it is recommended for 6 – 8 (48 months to 72 months) age kids with a playbook guide for potter instructions.


Brand: Cool Maker

Weight: 2.29 Pounds

Batteries: 4 C

Projects: up to six

Recommended Age: 6 – 8 years


  • Have built-in tools and user guide
  • An excellent option for small kids
  • Can make up to six projects


  • It has no foot pedal
  •  Mostly use batteries

10. Made By Me Pottery Wheel Kit by Horizon Group USA

Made By Me Pottery Wheel Kit by Horizon Group USA
Made By Me Pottery Wheel Kit by Horizon Group USA

Create colorful pieces of art with the Made By Me Pottery clay wheel for kids. This 4.01 pounds kid’s pottery wheel is battery operated and does not require any electrical outlets. Simply use the foot pedal to turn on the wheel. In fact, it includes air-dry clay for up to 10 pots, paint pots, and a cutting cord.

Create your own clay art with the Made By Me ceramic kit. This 15.5 x 7 x 12.5 inches motorized pottery wheel kit allows your child to unleash their inner artist. Bend the wheel cord slightly at a 90° angle to activate.

With the included 2-pound terra cotta clay and other tools like the arm tool and cutting wire, you can create fantastic pottery without ever leaving home. The foot pedal allows for easy control of the wheel speed so that you can mold shapes and leave a lasting impression on all your visitors.

It’s easy to get started with this hobby set. This package combines battery-powered and two activity kits for kids in one! It’s great for kids and adults ages 6 and up. The cutting cord is included for dividing larger clay blocks into more manageable pieces.


Brand: Made By Me

Size: 15.5 x 7 x 12.5 inches

Weight: 4.01 pounds

Power Source: Battery-powered

Foot pedal Mechanism

Motorized pottery wheel


  • It has the same feel as the actual thing.
  • Available with foot pedal and many other accessories.
  • No need to bake this clay because it’s air dry


  • The free clay is so hard to mold for kids

How to Buy the Best Pottery Wheel for Your Kid?

The most important things to consider when buying a pottery wheel are your budget, what age your kids are, and whether they have any experience with clay. Before you go out and buy a pottery wheel for your child, there are some things you should think about.

System for Power wheel

The power supply that aids in spinning the wheel is also critical. Various power options are available, such as battery-operated or an AC adapter. As a result, a wheel that uses an AC adapter is acceptable for placement near a power outlet.

So, first and foremost, choose a location for your children’s pottery wheel. If you desire a battery-operated wheel, it is much more portable and can be placed anywhere. It would also be beneficial to examine if your youngster prefers a toggle wheel or an electric wheel.

Rotation of the Pottery wheels

Another essential quality to look for in the Best Pottery Wheels for Kids is this. When your child first starts learning to make pottery, he won’t be able to handle the wheel spinning too quickly. Therefore, before you buy it, double-check the number of wheel revolutions.

 The art piece may fall if the child cannot withstand the spinning speed, but he’ll be upset. In this instance, the child will not create the clay form that he desires. As a result, look for a wheel that can adjust speed.

System of Operation

The importance of a wheel’s working system. There are two sorts of pottery wheels on the market: those that use a foot pedal and those that use buttons. A foot pedal is usually more pleasant than buttons.

Furthermore, using a foot pedal does not necessitate any additional settings. On the other hand, the buttons are reachable but inconvenient to operate during the process. Pottery wheels with steering wheels are even more expensive. They are, nevertheless, comfier.

Age of the Child

You may get pottery wheels for children of all ages on the internet. As a result, you must consider your kid’s age. If you have a small child, we recommend a simple pottery wheel. For your grown-up child, though. No one wants to spend money on pricey models when your child is just getting started with a pottery wheel.

Additionally, consider getting an electric and battery-operated wheel based on the child’s age. Likewise, age has a significant role when Picking a wheel with multiple small components. Your toddler can choke on these bits if he puts them in his mouth. Furthermore, if you get a problematic model, your child may feel bored in it.

Portability of Pottery wheel

If you’re buying a wheel for your child, be sure it’s not too hefty. A lightweight wheel is simple to maneuver. You may charge it on the fly if it’s a battery-operated type

Safety matters first

A pottery wheel is a gadget that your child can play with clay and other materials. As a result, if the clay he utilizes is safe to play with. It should be equipped with a leakage prevention system. If you acquire an electric pottery wheel, you should also inspect the power supply.

 Additionally, specific pottery wheels have a pressure safety feature. It is the most interesting aspect of a wheel. Your child cannot estimate the wheel’s pressure power, and too much force will cause harm to the wheel. Remember that your child’s safety is your top consideration while allowing them to use a machine.

As a result, look for a model responsible for an effective protection switch. This function will turn off the motor if the tension in these models reaches too high. As a result, you can protect your child from any dangers. As a result, these wheels are both safe and dependable to operate.

Material that is resistant to water

A pottery wheel is machinery that must be kept wet while in use. Water is required for all of your creative endeavors in order to wet the clay and change it into pots. In short, it’s hard to determine whether the material of the wheel and its inner components are waterproof.

Make sure you choose a waterproof material because water will harm the motor if it isn’t water-resistant. Furthermore, the electric parts may lead your youngster to receive electric shocks that are quite harmful.


How to use pottery wheels for kids?

Press out a ball of clay and place it in the center of the potter’s wheel. Spray some water on the clay and turn on the pottery wheel to start spinning! Then, take your sculpting tool and begin shaping and smoothing your clay into a fantastic project.
Make fun projects like planters and vases with various available tools and accessories! You can give your projects a colorful touch by painting them with many vibrant paints that also work as glazes. Once you’re finished, spray your project with glaze and place it in the kiln for two minutes to set it.

 What are the advantages of getting my child a pottery wheel?

Pottery-making is a rewarding activity for both adults and children. Pottery can help you relax, feel better, strengthen your attention and strength, feel productive, & express yourself.
Pottery is also a fantastic way to unwind after a long day of watching TV or playing video games. Motivate your youngster to take a break from the screen and make anything with their hands.

When can kids start playing with it?

We recommend starting your youngster with clay when he is two years old. The reason is that, like other toys, the dough can pose specific risks.

Is it safer for your kids to play with it?

Some clay is poisonous. However, these pottery kits all include non-toxic clay safe for children. Make absolutely sure your child’s substitute clay doesn’t have anything dangerous to them before purchasing it.

For the kid’s pottery wheel, precisely what sort of clay do you use?

Regular clay is ideal for children’s pottery projects. It comes in a variety of colors. Simply use it on a pottery wheel or for hand-building exercises. Stoneware clay can also be used to manufacture a range of sizes of pottery, such as huge vases and miniature cups.

Our Verdict

In short, Parents are always looking for the best toys. Everyone knows that toys are a great way to help kids learn and have fun. But getting children to play with new things isn’t always easy. It can be difficult to find a toy that will engage your child and challenge them or make them think in new ways.

Our top pick: Well, in this review, the National Geographic Kids Kit motorized pottery wheel is a fun and enjoyable way to get your child interested in creating art. This kit is great for introducing children to the basics of working with clay and helps in building critical motor skills. Moreover, the pottery wheel comes complete with instructions and design ideas that show you details on hand placement.

Well, in this review article, you will consider a variety of the best pottery wheels for kids appropriate for your needs.  If you want to get your little one a fun new toy, I recommend getting them a Pottery Wheel. It will not only give you hours of entertainment, but it will also teach your child how to use clay and clay tools.

Happy pottery wheel shopping for your tiny member!

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